These policies have been compiled to summarize key aspects of each of the Club’s facilities and to provide basic ground rules.


Members may introduce non-members as guests. The member host is responsible for payment of appropriate guest fees. All guests must be accompanied by a member.

Guests include all of the following:

  1. Non-members of any age introduced by a member
  2. Children of non-members
  3. Children of members who are not included in a family membership Specific guest privileges related to tennis and social events are outlined within their respective sections.


Members may introduce visiting non-members whom are staying in the member’s home. The member is responsible for payment of appropriate guest fees. Members must contact the office staff in advance in the event that they cannot accompany their guests to the Club. The member must provide the following information:

  1. The name of the house guest(s).
  2. The period of time for the privileges.
  3. Which facilities the house guest(s) may use


All facilities and attached decks/porches are established as NON- SMOKING.


All guests should be escorted while at the Boathouse or on the docks. If for any reason a guest will not be escorted by a member, the member must notify the Office, which will alert the Dockmaster and staff who will then be better able to serve the guest.


Members may sponsor guests as follows:

All guests must be registered in the Guest Book and all fees charged to the sponsoring member’s account before playing.

The guest fee is $15 per court, period per guest. Non-house guests may play no more than two (2) times per month. House guests may play a total of no more than ten (10) times per season.

Social Members may play tennis as a Full Member’s guest under the same condition as non-house guests.
Guests from The Colony Hotel may reserve courts at the rate of $35 per court period, and can reserve a court no earlier than 9:00 am the day before scheduled play by calling the Club office. Tennis attire in accord with the KRC Dress Code is required.

Private lessons and clinics conducted by the professional tennis staff will be available to social members and non-members as availability allows.


Regulation tennis shoes are required. Only non-marking soles are permitted on hard courts 7 and 8. Only appropriate tennis whites, with or without minimal trim color, will be worn on the courts. Males must wear collared shirts.

Warm ups, windbreakers, sweaters, headgear, and vests may be of any color. Cutoff jeans, swimwear, gym, and jogging shorts are prohibited, even if white.

Children under the age of 15 may wear tee shirts that are predominately white as an exception to the collar policy.
The Club Manager, tennis professionals, and office personnel are authorized to enforce the Dress Code and all other tennis rules and refuse violators access to the courts.